Master or mate, rivers, 200 gross tons (includes master, rivers, 100 gross tons).
Communications:     Radiotelephone Communications Required
      Signals: Storm/Wreck/Dist./Special Required
Compass-Magnetic and Gyro:     Principles of Magnetic Compass Required
Emergency Procedures:     Abandon Ship Procedures Required
      Collision Required
      Fire or Explosion Required
      Man Overboard Procedures Required
      Passenger/Crew Safety in Emergency Required
      Temporary Repairs Required
Fire Prevention and Firefighting Appliances:     Basic Firefighting and Prevention Required
      Classes and Chemistry of Fire Required
      Firefighting Equip. & Regs. for T-Boats Required
      Firefighting Equip. and Regulations For licenses over 100 gross tons.
      Firefighting Systems Required
      Organization of Fire Drills Required
Lifesaving:     Lifesaving Appliance Operation For licenses over 100 gross tons.
      Lifesaving Appliance Ops. for T-Boats Required
      Lifesaving Appliance Regs. for T-Boats Required
      Lifesaving Appliance Regulations For licenses over 100 gross tons.
Maritime Law:National Maritime Law:         Cert. and Documentation of Vessels Required
          Licensing & Certification of Seamen Required
          Pollution Prevention Regulations Required
          Rules & Regs. for Inspected T-Boats Required
          Rules & Regs. for Inspected Vessels For licenses over 100 gross tons.
          Rules and Regs for Uninsp. Vessels Required
Medical Care: Knowledge and use of:         First Aid Required
Meteorology and Oceanography:     Characteristics of Weather Systems Required
Piloting:         Chart Navigation River chart navigation only.
SAIL/AUXILIARY SAIL VESSELS ADDENDUM (8):    Any other subject considered necessary to establish the applicant's proficiency Required
Seamanship:     Marlinspike Seamanship Required
      Purchases, Blocks and Tackle Required
Ship Maneuvering and Handling:     Berthing and Unberthing Required
      General: Turn Circle, Pivot Point, Advance and  Transfer Required
      Interaction with Bank/Passing Ship Required
      Maneuvering in Shallow Water Required
      Shiphandling in Rivers, Estuaries Required
      Towing Operations Required
      Wake Reduction Required
Ship Stability, Construction, and Damage Control:     Trim and Stability Required
Shipboard Management and Training:     Safety Required
      Ship Sanitation Required
Ship's Business:     Certificates and Documents Required Required
Times of Celestial Phenomena:         Instruments and Accessories Required
Watchkeeping:     Basic Principles, Watchkeeping Required
      Inland Navigational Rules Required
Navigation General         Aids To Navigation Required
          Charts, Navigation Publications, and Notices to Mariners Required