Mate, uninspected fishing industry vessels, oceans/near coastal.
Celestial Observations:         Fix or Running Fix (Sun Only) For ocean routes only.
          Lat. by Meridian Transit (Sun Only) For ocean routes only.
          Star Selection For ocean routes only.
Communications:     Radiotelephone Communications Required
      Signals: Storm/Wreck/Dist./Special Required
Compass-Magnetic and Gyro:     Gyro Compass Error/Correction Required
      Magnetic Compass Error/Correction Required
      Principles of Gyro Compass Required
      Principles of Magnetic Compass Required
Determination of Compass Error:             Amplitude (Sun Only) For ocean routes only.
              Azimuth (Sun Only) For ocean routes only.
              Terrestrial Observation Required
Emergency Procedures:     Abandon Ship Procedures Required
      Emergency Steering Required
      Fire or Explosion Required
      Man Overboard Procedures Required
      Temporary Repairs Required
Fire Prevention and Firefighting Appliances:     Basic Firefighting and Prevention Required
      Classes and Chemistry of Fire Required
      Firefighting Equip. and Regulations Required
      Firefighting Systems Required
      Organization of Fire Drills Required
Lifesaving:     Lifesaving Appliance Operation Required
      Survival at Sea Required
Maritime Law:National Maritime Law:         Licensing & Certification of Seamen Required
          Pollution Prevention Regulations Required
          Rules and Regs for Uninsp. Vessels Required
Medical Care: Knowledge and use of:         First Aid Required
Meteorology and Oceanography:     Characteristics of Weather Systems Required
      Ocean Current Systems        Required
Piloting:         Bearing Problems Required
          Chart Navigation Required
          Dead Reckoning Required
          Distance Off Required
          Fix or Running Fix Required
Radar Equipment:     Radar Observer Certificate Required
SAIL/AUXILIARY SAIL VESSELS ADDENDUM (8):    Any other subject considered necessary to establish the applicant's proficiency Required
Seamanship:     Marlinspike Seamanship Required
      Purchases, Blocks and Tackle Required
Ship Maneuvering and Handling:     Anchoring and Mooring Required
      General: Turn Circle, Pivot Point, Advance and  Transfer Required
      Heavy Weather Operations Required
     Maneuvering for Launching of Lifeboats and Liferafts in Heavy Weather Required
Ship Stability, Construction, and Damage Control:     Trim and Stability Required
Shipboard Management and Training:     Safety Required
      Ship Sanitation Required
Ship's Business:     Certificates and Documents Required Required
Tides and Tidal Currents:             Calculations Required
              Publications Required
              Terms and Definitions Required
Times of Celestial Phenomena:         Electronic Navigation Required
          Instruments and Accessories Required
          Time of Meridian Transit (Sun Only) For ocean routes only.
          Zone Time Sun Rise/Set/Twilight For ocean routes only.
Watchkeeping:     COLREGS Required
      Inland Navigational Rules Required
      Navigation Safety Regs. (33 CFR 164) For licenses over 1600 gross tons.
Navigation General         Aids To Navigation Required
          Charts, Navigation Publications, and Notices to Mariners Required